Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dick-ey Meeting?

Jon Heyman is at it again, claiming that the Jays are still talking with the Mets about RA Dickey.  He supposes that at least the Rangers and Jays are both still in, but that the Jays wouldn't give up Travis d'Arnaud, suggesting that Anthony Gose could plausibly be available.

I think we all know my opinions on Gose; I don't think he's ever going to hit well enough to justify being in the lineup everyday, no matter how good his defense and speed may rank.

Gose is so far from a sure thing, whereas Dickey is an actual major league pitcher, and a really good one at that.  There's no need to horde prospects at the moment-- Bautista, Edwin and Reyes are at or around their primes, and Johnson might not be around after the end of the season.

I'm in.

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