Monday, 11 March 2013

Stuff: Prospects, Happ

JA Happ is mad.  Thinks he's a major league starter.  I'm not so sure, but whatever.  We'll see how this plays out.  It's not like he won't get a chance at any point this year, seeing as no team really ever gets through the year with all five of their starters not missing a start.

Team Canada teased us with a nice effort against the US yesterday.  Ernie Whitt ultimately beat out Joe Torre in what appeared to be a competition between two managers who both wanted it less, what with all the bunting and pitching changes.  Still, some encouraging stuff out of the good guys-- Justin Morneau tore the cover off the ball for three games, Michael Saunders did even better than Morneau (and was named MVP of pool D), and Jameson Taillon looked downright nasty, with a knee-buckling curve and a fastball that touched 96.

Marc Hulet released his top-100 prospects list for Fangraphs this morning.  The same two Blue Jays that we're used to seeing are there-- Aaron Sanchez, ranked at 23, and Roberto Osuna, coming in at #81.  Hulet had opinions on his top-10, as well as a few randoms in the 11-100 range, of which Osuna is one.
81. Roberto Osuna, RHP, Toronto: I’m surprised Osuna doesn’t get more love considering his age, skill set and results from 2012. The right-hander impressed Toronto so much that they started to refer to ‘The Big 3′ (Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndergaard, Justin Nicolino) as ‘The Big Four.’ The emergence of the young Mexican native helped ease the front office’s concerns over parting ways with Syndergaard and Nicolino while improving the major league product.
Other familiar names include Travis d'Arnaud (11), Taillon (14), Noah Syndergaard (46), Justin Nicolino (79), and Jake Marisnick (90).

Finally, a happy birthday to the late Doc Ellis of LSD-induced no-hitter fame.

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