Monday, 13 June 2011

Offday internets

Weird, 4 straight days off for the Jays, today being the last of which.  Baltimore comes to town tomorrow.

These are things I've found upon the many internets recently:

Fangraphs analyzes AA's draft strategy.  Big surprise: the writer has no opinion, but says "we'll see how this works out for them", which is pretty much the ending for every FG article out there.

ESPN's Jim Bowden tweeted the other day that Jose Bautista has been tested 15 times in the last 3 years for PEDs.  Naturally, they all came back negative.  But, as Dustin Parkes at Getting Blanked puts it, there are still skeptics for some reason.

MLBTR examines prospect trades from July '09, which includes both the Scott Rolen for Zach Stewart deal, as well as the Michael Taylor for Brett Wallace for Anthony Gose clusterfuck.

Notgraphs gifulates Mike Mccoy's perfect inning from the other night (I thought they had an off-day the other night?).

Jesse Litsch's twitter, from right around 1PM ET:
Jesse Litsch: Just threw my sim game was real good 2 solid quick innings no pain see how I bounce back tomorrow and get ready for rehab assignment

I also got quite sunburnt yesterday.

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