Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Holy Shit! Lacava rejects O's GM offer

In a shocking, hilarious turn, Jays assistant manager and vice president of baseball operations, Tony Lacava, has turned down the offer of General Manager for the Baltimore Orioles, according to several sources, initially Ken Rosenthal.

Would you like to know why this is awesome?  Ok, I'll tell you.  Lacava looks after pretty much all of the international stuff, and is the only old person on the Jays' staff.  Alex Anthopoulos has said repeatedly that Lacava would be irreplaceable.

Secondly, with the Jays' policy of allowing their personnel to explore promotions in other organizations, there is a pretty good chance that had Lacava taken the GM job in Baltimore, there would be at least a couple of people within the Jays organization who could have gotten promotions within the Baltimore club.

There are only 30 GM jobs in the majors... sounds like a pretty awesome gig.  I'm pretty amazed that he'd turn down this job, but I suppose it's a testament to just what kind of shape the Orioles are in, not to mention the fact that everyone else in the AL East are either awesome, or on their way towards being awesome.

Orioles beat writer Britt Ghiroli has a piece about this stuff from the Orioles' POV here.

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