Monday, 23 January 2012

Brief Blast of Stuff

John Sickels of lists the Blue Jays farm system as the best in baseball, with 8 B+ prospects, and outstanding depth behind them.  The Royals and Rays are down in 6th and 7th respectively, mostly because a lot of their farm depth from last year has moved on to the majors (Hosmer, Giavotella, Moore).  The Padres trade activity this winter has them at number two.  Sickels explains that he doesn't much care for setting specific rankings, so I don't really understand why he doesn't just set them in to tiers or levels of "awesome", "good", "meh", "bad" and "White Sox".  Fangraphs should have a similar ranking up soonish, assuming they do what they typically do.

The Boston Red Sox gave up a 2.5WAR SS in exchange for a below-replacement level pitcher the other day, for some reason.  It appears that they're going to try and get another starting pitcher off the free agent market, but this still seems kind of stupid to me, especially since they already traded Jed Lowrie.  I'm shocked that Clayton Mortenson was the best the Red Sox could do, to be honest.  Baseballthinkfactory's take is here.

Cuban LHP Gerardo Concepcion is a free agent now, and the Jays are apparently interested.

Dan Patrick of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or something like that tells us that Ryan Braun may be innocent.  And I may get to the majors someday.

Finally, this is a cool video showing the view of the strike zone from the umpire's perspective.  I remember a few years ago where catchers had helmet cams going on, but that's a thing of the past apparently.

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