Sunday, 1 January 2012

Jays sign 3 to minor league deals, wasting my fucking time

Pretend that there's a video of The Cars "Just What I Needed" right here.  I fucking hate that song, and The Cars in general, really, which is why I don't post it.  Literally, the only things I find useful about them is knowing their stuff for Sporcle quizzes, comparing other, better 80's music to their piles of shitpoop, and the occasional crossword clue ""Cars' singer Ric (6)"*.

Anyway, the Jays have signed Brian Bocock, Jerry Gil, and some other guy that I've never heard of and don't remember his name.  I don't really give a fuck since they're all hot garbage, though I guess Bocock has some John McDonald potential in him.

It also turns out that Aaron Laffey is on a minor league contract with an invite to spring training, the very same as these other 3 guys who got signed today.  The Jays have 0 40-man roster spots available, so if any of these dudes make it to the bigs this year, the team will require an empty roster spot.  This means that, in all likelihood, none of these gentlemen will see MLB time this year with the Jays, or that Dustin Mcgowan has been placed on the 60-day DL at some point, which would allow them to add a 41st member to the 40-man roster for the duration of that DL stint.  A trade of someone on the 40-man for a prospect/a 2-for-1 deal is also possible (i.e. Matt Garza for two 40-manners).

*-- Ocasek

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