Sunday, 22 April 2012

First Career Win

That kind of performance shows you just how much meaning the win has for a pitcher.  Drew Hutchison, in his major league debut, went 5.1 innings, allowing 5 runs on 8 hits and 3 walks, but because Luis Mendoza was slightly more terrible, Hutch gets a W beside his name.

I'm pretty amazed that Hutchison was even given the chance to come back out for the 6th inning, since he was clearly kind of gassed, and was having a fair amount of trouble finding the zone.  I haven't looked at his heat maps or pitchf/x charts or anything yet, but if I had to guess, I'd say he threw too many balls, which led to a lot of working behind in the count, which led to fastballs down the middle of the plate, which led to Alex Gordon taters.  I'm sure there was a babip issue there, seeing as Alcides Escobar had four hits, but meh.  In hindsight, it was cool to get 4 innings out of Villanueva and Oliver, especially if Santos is down for two weeks.  I thought it was weird to see Oliver go 1.2IP, but it turns out he only threw 16 pitches, so whatever.

I'm not sure if anybody else noticed, but Colby Rasmus spitting hot fire lately, and earned his 4th (!) Zaunhead of the year with last night's performance.  The bottom 3 of the order (Lawrie, Rasmus, JPA) went 7-for-12, accounting for half of the hits, meanwhile Jose Bautista was 0-for-5.

I was wondering why Sergio Santos wasn't brought in to finish the game once two guys got on base in the bottom of the 9th, but that's been put to bed; Santos was placed on the 15-day DL with shoulder inflammation.  That isn't good news.  Apparently Francisco Cordero will be the closer in his absence, and Evan Crawford has been recalled from AA New Hampshire.

Ricky Romero goes against Danny Duffy today in an afternoon game.  I don't know a whole lot about Duffy, but apparently he got tagged last June against the Jays?  I certainly don't remember that, but I'm seeing 5 runs and 8 hits over 4 innings.  Either way, he's looked good so far this year with a couple of strong outings against Oakland and Detroit.  He's a lefty, so expect Rajai Davis to play.  Romero has been bad, good and bad over his first three starts respectively, so this one should be good unless I'm bad at patterns.

JP Arencibia and Brett Lawrie do a joke interview.

You can watch all 27 outs from Phil Humber's perfect game in about 6 minutes.  What the fuck are you swinging at Brendan Ryan?

Yesterday's Red Sox-Yankees game is a thing of beauty.

Source: FanGraphs

And speaking of the Red Sox, they acquired Marlon Byrd, and his -59 wRC+ to replace Jacoby Ellsbury, in exchange for Michael Bowden and a PTBNL (seriously?  Another PTBNL fiasco with these two teams?).  The Cubs will be paying most of Byrd's salary.

Lineups will be up when they're up, I guess.

Escobar SS
Vizquel 2B (note: What?)
Bautista RF
Edwin 1B
Rasmus CF
Lawrie 3B
Francisco DH
Davis LF
Arencibia C

Romero P

Bourgeois CF
Gordon LF
Butler DH
Hosmer 1B
Betancourt 2B
Francoeur RF
Moustakas 3B
Quintero C
Escobar SS

Duffy P

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