Saturday, 21 April 2012


Fast.  I had heard that Adam Lind was out, and that Eric Thames would be batting 5th for some reason (presumably to stagger lefties and righties... I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does Johnboy).  Someone lied though.  Kansas is countering with Yuniesky Betancourt in the leadoff spot, since they would prefer to ease Hutch in to his big league career with an out.

Phillip Humber threw a perfect game against the Mariners today.  Typically, I'd say something like "It doesn't count because it's Seattle" but now that I think about it, the only perfect game that would count in the last few years would be Dallas Braden's against the Rays.  Still, pretty sick.

Give JP the ZH for yesterday.

Cecil to the 7-day DL with a groin strain.

Good luck kid.

Escobar SS
Johnson 2B
Bautista RF
Lind 1B
Edwin DH
Thames LF
Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Arencibia C

Hutch P

Betancourt 2B
Gordon LF
Butler DH
Hosmer 1B
Francoeur RF
Pena C
Moustakas 3B
Escobar SS
Maier CF

Mendoza P

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