Wednesday, 27 April 2011

April 27- Jays vs. Rangers

My girlfriend sent me this earlier.  I somehow don't remember it.  Congrats dear, you made the blog.

Quickly now:

Yeah, Rajai Davis isn't back in the lineup tonight. Quick tear, then move on.  Edwin's back though, moving Juan Rivera one step closer to his rightful place on the bench.  Well his rightful place is retirement, but you get the idea.

Next, I somehow forgot to mention that hockey game last night.  Not a huge hockey fan anymore, but that was a good effing game.  When I did watch hockey, I was a Canucks fan, so I fistpumped quickly at the end of the game.

Third, not sure if the ads are the same for everyone or if they just rotate every time someone refreshes the page, but I just saw a great big picture of Jack Layton's ugly mug at the bottom of the site.  Let's just clear the air and say that I don't choose the ads, I simply chose to sell out and that one was stuffed in there all nice and cute.

What else? The dog pooped on the floor this morning and then slept on my lap all day, so there's that.

Andre Ethier mashed a tater this afternoon and extended that hit streak to 24 games.  Always been a fan.

Finally, I'm trying to find a gif or gifs of the awesomeness that was Brent Lillibridge last night.  For anyone who missed it, in the bottom of the 9th last night at Yankee Stadium, Lilly made a really good diving catch to rob someone (Gardner?) of a hit, and then an excellent catch to end it, Robbing-son Cano of extras and a chance to tie it up/win it.  Will update with at least video coverage later if not the giffage.

Anyway, it's JoJo vs. Derek Holland tonight in Texas.  Holland isn't too unlike David Purcey, who the Jays recently cut ties with.  Low-to-Mid-90's heat from the left side, walks, etc.  He showed what he could do last year in the playoffs against the Yankees coming out of the bullpen and being downright nasty at times, but he's got an ERA over 11 vs. TOR, albeit in only 2 starts.

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Lineups- Blueyays

Escobar SS
Mccoy 2B (not Patterson!)
Baubeasta RF
Lind 1B
Rivera DH
Encarnacion 3B
Snider LF
Arencibia C
Patterson CF (oh)

Pitching: J. Reyes

Kinsler DH
Andrus SS
Young 2B
Beltre 3B
Cruz LF
Napoli 1B
Murphy CF
Torrealba C
Moreland RF

Pitching: Holland

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