Monday, 7 November 2011


Hopping right in to stuff today, since nothing is really all that major.

The Bluejays acquired Trystan Magnusson from the Oakland A's for cash considerations.  Magnusson, along with Danny Fahrquar, was sent to Oakland from Toronto at about this time last year for Rajai Davis.  Fark was re-acquired for David Purcey early this past season, and then Purcey was turned in to Scott Sizemore.  Purcey was then DFA'ed again, lasting about a month with the Tigers.  So basically, the end result of this little love triangle is as follows:

Detroit gives up Scott Sizemore, a young, controllable infielder with upside; gets in return nothing, a hole in their infield.
Toronto gives up a pretty crappy flop of a first rounder who can't find the strike zone, cash; gets in return Rajai Davis.
Oakland gives up Rajai Davis; gets Scott Sizemore, cash.

If there's anything wrong with this picture, I sure don't see it.

Next, remember the last time I wrote here about Jonathan Sanchez being a tradeable?  Well he got traded to Kansas City this morningm with a prospect, in exchange for CF Melky Cabrera.  The trade addresses a need for both teams; SF needed some bats, especially in the outfield, and Cabrera just had a career year this season after being non-tendered by the Yankees the year before. Sanchez is still under team control for two seasons, and has quite a bit of potential, but really only has one good year under his belt.  The move allows KC to get Lorenzo Cain in to the lineup everyday, and kind of improves their pitching.

Jon Heyman of says that it is "believed [Jays AGM Tony] Lacava got a raise to stay" in Toronto as if this were common knowledge, without stating a source.  Probably because there isn't one, as this is the first I've seen of this.  Let's just move right along from that one, because I doubt it's true, but if it is, who gives a fuck?

Bill Smith was fired as GM of the Twins.  Should have won more games.  Dan Duquette was hired as the GM of the Baltimore Orioles.  Should have waited another couple days, could have had a shot at the Twins' job.  (Terry Ryan was hired, at least on an interim basis, as Smith's replacement.  He was GM until 2007, when Smith took over.)

The Jays are listed as being interested in Yoedis Cespedes, an international (soon-to-be) free agent from Cuba.  The 26-year old has defected and has been playing in the Dominican Republic for a while now, I guess.  His agents released a 20-minute video with some odd music selections, such as Christopher Cross' sailing, which played in the background while Cespedes mashed taters and then Sammy Sosa'ed his way out of the batters box.  This video has been since taken down from youtube, but we'll try and find it again and get it up here.

The Jays are also apparently getting a top shelf closer! according to a tweet by Buster Olney of ESPN.  Stoeten over at Drunk Jays Fans reads in to this one a little too much, I fear, though he does raise some good points.

Finally, Pat Hentgen has stepped down from his position as bullpen coach, due to a family issue.  Hopefully all is well, but in the meantime, Pete Walker has taken over.  All other bullpen staffers are returning, apparently.  Hentgen will now take on the role of a special assistant of some sort

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