Friday, 7 June 2013

Thole Crap!

It's time.  It's finally time.  The catcher that we've had stashed in the minors is finally on his way up.  Not Travis d'Arnaud.  I can't make that clear enough.  NOT Travis.  He got traded.

No, folks.  It's Josh Thole.  The guy that caught RA Dickey pretty much all last year.  The guy who was necessary to the Dickey trade going through.  The guy who has been playing in Buffalo, for some reason, so that Henry Blanco could be around.

A new era has dawned.

Oh, and remember that thing I was saying about the upcoming roster crunch for the infield?  Yeah, about that.  The Jays have called up Andy LaRoche.  Because there needs to be another infielder.

The Jays are also set to sign Chien-Ming Wang, presumably for depth, but he might be the ace by the end of the year.  Wang opted out of his deal with the Yankees today, and will apparently be starting this coming Tuesday.

Finally, the Jays have loaded up on a few more highshool pitchers in the draft, with their first two picks of the day.

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