Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Quickly, on Colby

Not even once

Oh, right right right right right.  Forgot something yesterday.  It was actually the entire point of my story.

Rasmus, much like a lot of hitters in baseball, hits way, way better at home.  The thing with that is that the Rogers Centre Skydome is one of the more hitter-friendly parks in baseball, especially this year.  Again, still good away from home, but really, really good in our happy little blue graveyard.

.289/.346/.520 at home (.375 wOBA), .248/.322/.442 (.335 wOBA) away.

This is probably about as good as Rasmus will get, and with another year before he hits free agency, his value is at it's peak right now.  It would be a great time to either extend or trade him.

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