Monday, 5 March 2012

Daily Jays Internets

The Jays lost a spring training tilt with the Tigers today.  You can relive that one via boxscore here, or choose to not care, the way I do.  I'll save you the reading, and let you know that Colby Rasmus was 2-for-2, and nobody else really did much.  I think I read that Edwin missed a homerun by a matter of inches, but that was just what twitter said.

JP Arencibia was on The Dean Blundell Show today (32-minute mark), and, among other things, claimed that Ricky Romero is balls to the wall now that he's free of Rima Fakih, who is batshit insane, apparently.  This is pretty entertaining, so have a quick listen.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says that the Jays and Red Sox are both still very interested in Gavin Floyd.  It's literally a paragraph in a long page, so:
Gavin Floyd, RHP, White Sox - He continues to be a focus of teams looking for one more starter. He could be in play for the Blue Jays or Red Sox. The White Sox don’t appear eager to move Floyd, but general manager Kenny Williams wouldn’t be shy if it brought him a decent bounty in return.
Lastly, Marcel projections are out.  Jays batters and pitchers. Bautista projects to be the third best hitter in baseball, and Brett Lawrie projects to be the best hitting 3B, per this system.

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