Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Scattered Internets

Nothing really major going on so far today, just the odd link for you, so here goes.

Derek Holland jumped on the Tim Kurkjian impersonation wagon yesterday.  He also throws in a decent Harry Caray.  The volume is hilariously low for me, for some reason.  JP Arencibia's is still the best, in my opinion.

This is the manager of the South Georgia Peanuts, of the South Coast League, and they have no affiliation with any MLB club, so he's not fucking around when he says that some of these guys might need to go get jobs. This was being taped for a documentary series about the team, apparently, which I've never come across on the internet.

Not surprisingly, Wally Backman used to manage this team, and had a much more entertaining meltdown a few years ago, which, if you haven't seen yet... well, we're not friends anymore.  You can seriously spend days watching and re-watching various Wally Backman videos on youtube.

Dustin Mcgowan's new contract apparently comes with a $500K buyout if the Jays opt to decline the $4MM club option, according to Gregor Chisolm.  Fangraphs has an opinion, and John Lott has a recap of the press scrum.

The 72-year old motorcyclist that Rays' pitcher Matt Bush struck with his car while driving drunk is now in a coma, and if he doesn't survive, the minimum sentence will be 2 years in jail.

Don't forget to check out Nowhere Plans for various previews and spring training news (plus more), but don't make that an excuse to not read the ones that I write here.  I preview the Rays, Jays, Rangers, and Padres starting tomorrow or the next day or something.

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