Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Trevor Bauer is Still Using his Camera

Fuck Tim Lincecum, Trevor Bauer is your new favorite guy.  Here's a link to his youtube page, which he will hopefully keep updating with videos the way he did yesterday.  He has a clip of himself throwing a bunch of different pitches at 480 frames per second, one of which is a "reverse slider", which really should just be called a screwball and we can leave it at that.  You're just going to confuse people.

MLBTR has their review of the Jays' offseason up.  What offseason, amirite?  No but seriously, they touch on the lack of acquisition of an ace starting pitcher that people are all up in arms about.

Also at MLBTR, Derek Holland has agreed to a contract extension with the Rangers, using Ricky Romero's (and others) contract as a guideline.  Romero signed a 5 year, $30.1MM extension last offseason, a deal, much like Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester, Yovani Gallardo and Trevor Cahill, that buys out all of their pre-arb seasons, and has options for at least 1 free agency season.  Holland's deal is worth slightly less money ($28MM guaranteed), and has two club options instead of one.

Jon Morosi of FOX sports has a piece about Jose Bautista and his desire to give back.  He wants to help kids in the Dominican Republic finish their educations and get signed by MLB clubs afterwards, as a means of trying to avoid a strained relationship between the MLB and the Dominican Republic after all the shit that went down this offseason (Jairo Beras was signed as a potentially underage player, Fausto Carmona was outed as an identity fraudulator).

Jonah Keri (Grantland) is concerned about the Phillies offense, now that Chase Utley might be out for a while, but says that it's not all bad.

Give @bluejaysmoves a follow on twitter.  He'll let you know that the Jays have optioned Travis d'Arnaud, Evan Crawford, Joel Carreno, and Mike McDade to minor league camp today, among other items.

Finally, Miguel Cabrera is a real third baseman:

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