Saturday, 25 August 2012


I'm irrationally (?) excited for this.  And fuck, that's a creepy picture.  I think it's a book or some shit, but I can't really give a shit to look up and see what it is, I just remember hearing someone mention "The Legend of Morrow" something or other, so I plugged it in to google and there you are.

We're going to go ahead and ignore what Chris Davis did last night, (because why the fuck wouldn't we?) and just get right in to the stuff, because I just got home from work and don't really feel like doing a whole lot more than sitting on the couch with a bag of Cheetos and maybe taking a dump.  Yep, toilet humor. Deal with it.

I thought David Cooper had been placed on the DL the other day.  Turns out, he hasn't been yet, but probably will be soon.  We don't fucking need that guy anyway.  No but really, injuries.

Adam Lind will play 6 innings tonight in a rehab.  We don't fucking need that guy anyway.  No but really, we don't.

Yunel is back tonight.  Think they had a baby.

Colby Rasmus is going to get a couple days off as a mental break, according to Gregor.

JPA claims to be throwing again.

Expect Morrow to be on a pitch count tonight.  Something in the 90's would be my guess.

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