Thursday 27 September 2012

Didn't Know, Don't Care

Thought it was a 3-game set with Baltimore.  I'll live.  2 of 4 is quality though, since we're cheering for the Yankees and Rays here.

I don't particularly care about tonight's game in Toronto.  It's not that I'm a bad fan or anything, it's just that I can't cheer for the Jays when I ultimately know that cheering for the Jays is cheering for Baltimore, in a sense.  Because fuck them.

Travis Snider of the not-Blue Jays-anymore made a really, really nice catch today.

Doug Fister had 9 strikeouts in a row this afternoon, which establishes an AL record.

If you're in to reality TV, our Survivor wrapup is up for week 2 at Nowhere Plans.  I haven't linked to the site in a while, since they don't pay me and they can suck it, but uhhh, yeah.  There's some football content over there lately, and there's the odd piece about the Orioles if you can stomach that as well.  Dig in.

Manny Acta was fired by the Indians today, making him another reasonable candidate for the Jays next manager once John Farrell jumps ship to the Red Sox.

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