Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I've Been Broken

Yep. Baltimore in 1st in the AL East.  I predicted a 61-101 finish for them in my pre-season previews.  Egg on my face.  Naturally, they should be 64-70 right now, which is still better than the Jays, but I doubt anybody really cares about that.

Anyway, Sean at Nowhere Plans chimes in with what I assume is going to be a terribly biased take on what being tied for the lead in the AL East means (I'll be reading it pronto after posting this).  I wish I knew that he was writing this, because I kind of wanted to do a little back-and-forth about the subject, but whatever.  Such an item probably would have resulted in a big bunch of "Lol Canada" and "U mad bro?" reactions, since the bulk of NP's readership are American, and a bunch of those guys are from the Philly/DC/Maryland area, so I'd just be barking up the wrong tree.  Might still fire something together, but it wouldn't be anything incredibly fresh that Jonah Keri or Dave Cameron haven't already written.  We'll probably let the baby have the bottle in this case, because RANGZ.  If anything, I'll probably include a fluffy handjob of Evan Longoria and why he's the real MVP or something hilarious.

I'm conveniently ignoring yesterday's game, by the way.

The John Farrell to Boston stuff refuses to die.  I'd trade that dude in a heartbeat, but it's probably not happening.  Farrell claims to be totally committed to the Jays, because WHY THE FUCK WOULDN'T HE SAY THAT?!?!?

MLBTR also profiles Jeff Keppinger.  The Blue Jays should look in to this guy if Kelly Johnson goes, though Hech will probably see the bulk of the playing time if KJ goes.  Kelly Johnson should probably go though.  I would way sooner Kepp than Hech.  At least Kepp hits lefties.

Remember yesterday when I said something about the Romero sweet spot being an extra day of rest?  Well the Jays are going to give him an extra 4.

Shi Davidi also tells us that David Cooper has been shut down for the season.  Hopefully the Dome is shut (down) for the rest of the season too!

Alright that's enough.

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