Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Buffalo Club

During my formative years, or what some would call "College Days", I was graciously introduced to some people that I now, and forever will, call friends.  We got in to all kinds of trouble together and formed a lifelong bond, eschewing a significant percentage of the friendship that we had otherwise formed throughout our childhood.  While we didn't necessarily have a name for our gaggle, we did create an elitist membership token that would allow us to separate ourselves from the heathen masses.

Basically, anyone that was granted access in to our little group for jerks was forced to find a penny, and flush it down a specific toilet.  Until you recovered that penny with insurmountable evidence, you must drink any alcoholic beverage that you consume with your non-dominant hand (i.e. left hand for righties, right hand for lefties. If you claim to be ambidextrous, you're immediately out of the club forever).  If you're caught consuming alcohol with your dominant hand by another member of the group, you were to promptly chug the contents of that cup, glass, bottle, pitcher or can.  This is known as the Buffalo Club.

There are many chapters of the Buffalo Club worldwide, and I'm sure that there are many iterations, regarding rules, gameplay, technique, and entry policy.

In related news, Maicer Izturis has been placed on the 15-day DL, and the Jays will call up Ryan Goins from Buffalo to take his spot on the roster.

That makes Goins, Moises Sierra, Anthony Gose, Kevin Pillar, Todd Redmond, Neil Wagner and kind of Josh Thole and Munenori Kawasaki as potential starters on the Jays who began the year or at least played a significant amount of time in Buffalo, if not lower.


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