Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Doesn't Need to be Painful

So let's review.

  • The season has been over, so to speak, since at least mid-July, if not earlier.
  • Jose Bautista, Colby Rasmus, and now, perhaps, Edwin Encarnacion are all out for the rest of the year.  Those gentlemen, combined, have been worth 12.3 WAR this season.  They rank 28th, 29th and tied for 30th in the league for position players, per fangraphs.
  • Josh Johnson and Brandon Morrow weren't things this year.  They were both supposed to be things, along with R.A. Dickey and Mark Buerhle, but, alas, they weren't.
  • Speaking of Dickey and Buehrle, remember how they've been pretty good lately?  12 earnies over 9.1 over the last two nights.
  • Regardless of expanded rosters, the whole fucking Buffalo team seems to be not only up, but starting every game, and apparently being the shining lights of the last two games.
I reserve the right to add to this, but uhh, we're pretty close to the point where the above video is accurate.

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