Sunday, 29 September 2013

Thank God That's Over: Assorted Thoughts about FUCK YOU 2013

I sat in my living room thinking, today, about what a clusterprick this season has been, and how this year, and not last one, as previously thought, was the season from hell.  The record was better this year, but the expectations were through the roof.  It's kind of like the time that I saw the trailer to the movie 300 and thought "Holy shit.  This is going to be the best thing ever."  It was good, but it wasn't the best thing ever, and I was therefore pretty disappointed.  This season was World-Series-or-bust.

I did quite a bit of reflecting today.  Most of that reflection was about Breaking Bad (which happens to be on right now-- I'm waiting for it to be on the internet, and am writing this only as a means of passing an incredibly long hour and change without checking facebook, twitter, reddit, or anything that might have anything to do with being an avenue to pass along spoilers), but there were certainly some thoughts about the season that could have been, the coming offseason, and the 2014 season that still might very well be.

I tried to think back to what was up in my life at this time last year-- I was mostly sitting there ready for some playoff baseball, but was irrationally angry at the Baltimore Orioles for their little facade of being good in 2012, and didn't really have a big woe-is-me attitude.  Fairly surprising.

I dunno-- I guess this is good news: with their loss today, the Jays secured a bottom-10 record in baseball, which means that their first round pick in 2014's draft will be protected, even if they sign a "type-A" free agent, or whatever the fuck I'm supposed to call those these days.  That might not matter, but it might matter.  It makes signing Brian McCann a better idea, as it will only cost a 2nd round pick.  He's the only real target I see the Jays going after out of all the guys who might get qualifying offers.  We can dream about Robinson Cano, I suppose. Neither Matt Garza nor that Tanaka guy from Japan will cost a draft pick.

That means that the Jays will have the 10th and 11th picks in the draft this year, no matter what, thanks to the failure to sign Phil Bickford last year.  This year's draft is apparently quite a bit deeper than last year's, so that's pretty good-- obviously having one extra arm in the system for another year is probably better, since we're taking the player and not the entire draft class, but still; two top 11's is a pretty good lotto ticket.

Beyond that, let's just hope that everybody recovers well over the offseason.  Morrow being 100% would be pretty extravagant.  Bautista, Edwin, Rasmus and Reyes all have 5 months to heal up their various knicks and scratches and come back ready to go.  Buehrle and Dickey are used to the turf or Canada or the Dome or whatever the fuck they had for excuses for the first half of the season, and all the kids are another year older.

This was, in fact, the season from Hell.  It can only get better from here, right?

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