Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Eric Thames to AAA

According to the Jays' Official Facebook page, which I cant link from my PS3. Cool. I personally have had enough of this experiment, especially now that the formula for getting him out has been derived and published league-wide for quite some time now.  Mike McCoy has been recalled from AAA, presumably to help fill the infield roster crunch that the Yunel and KJ injuries caused, though he can play some outfield with alittle more grace than Thames as well.  I still expect Rajai Davis to get the bulk of the time in left with the current roster formation, with McCoy serving as a backup and utility bench dude, but he's gotta be a better option than Omar Vizquel for pretty well everything, no?

And is it finally time for Travis Snider to come back up full time? I figure they're looking to give him a few games of rehab to take care of his wrist issue, but this could very well be the beginning of part two of the Snider era in Toronto.

Aaaand I think I'm just going to turn this into today's post.  Kelly Johnson, huh?  Drew Hutchison too.  I didn't give out Zaunheads for at least 2 of those blowouts (I think?), and I really can't decide who did better between an injured Johnson and an impressive Hutch, so they can just both have one and we'll be done with it.

Speaking of being done with it, Francisco Cordero is pretty bad, huh?  I'm sure I freaked out about Dotel or Francisco last year when they eventually offered some decent production, or at least weren't as bad as I was making them out to be, but uhh, Cordero really sucks.

The new CBA is out for the public.  311 pages.  Prospectus has a summary of it behind a paywall here.

Grantland has something about the funnest team in baseball.

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