Sunday, 14 April 2013

Go Time: Brooooooooooms

Quickly now.

Looky here; one win away from a sweep and a .500 record.  .500!  12 games in to the season!  Morrow!  Dickey!  Muni!  Do it!

We get to see the new Ervin Santana, which is much better than seeing the old, somewhat effective Ervin Santana.  That's basically me saying that Ervin stinks now.

He's been good so far this year, but let's not go crazy with those two start outliers.  A 3.21 ERA through 14 innings would suggest that he's been good so far, but:

  • 4.32 FIP
  • 93% strand rate
  • Walk and strikeout rates that are dramatically better than his career norms.
  • No change in HR-rate
Sounds like a nice little regression is on the way.

Brett Lawrie didn't leave Dunedin to do his minor-league rehab in Buffalo, as was expected.  It seems as though the team is considering moving Lawrie to 2B for the time being, and leaving Bautista at 3B, since nobody else has really decided to take the ball and run with it at 3B in Lawrie's absence.  I'm talking mostly about Boni and Izturis.

The Jays have apparently checked in on Tyler Pastornicky as a potential replacement for Reyes.  Pastornicky was part of the (first) Yunel Escobar trade and was originally drafted by the Jays.

Bonifacio CF
Cabrera LF
Bautista 3B
Encarnacion DH
Arencibia C
Lind 1B
Davis RF
Izturis 2B

Morrow P

Gordon LF
Escobar SS
Butler DH
Perez C
Hosmer 1B
Cain RF
Johnson 3B
Dyson CF
Getz 2B

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