Thursday, 15 March 2012

Post-Rant Links

These are things I've seen on the internet lately:

The increasingly "meh" Joel Sherman of the NY Post has a write-up about the Jays.  Within, A-Rod says that the Jays are going to be a good team for the next few years, and that they can spend a bunch of money.  This is stuff that we already knew, and that I've linked several hundred times over the last 9 months.

Trevor Bauer did long-toss the other day, and someone finally caught this shit on video.  It's kind of hard to see the ball, since the only way to catch a decent look at just how far he's throwing the ball is to use one of the FOX satellites orbiting the Earth to catch the footage.

Bryce Harper was interviewed by GQ magazine.  Excerpt:
"It hurts like a dick."
Rumor has it that the Miami Marlins' theme song is incredibly catchy, but you can see for yourself.  I think I read on twitter yesterday that an official for the team claims that they have absolutely no official involvement with this song.

The Royals have extended Alcides Escobar, MLBTR has learned.  The deal will cover 4 years for $10.5MM, and has two club options that could push the deal to over $21MM.  The 4 guaranteed years are all years that he was under team control anyway, but the two options are his first two free agent seasons.  

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