Friday, 2 March 2012

Quick Stuff Dump

The above is the debut of Logan Morrison and Bryan Peterson's (of the Miami Marlins) youtube show.  LoMo is a great, great twitterer, and Peterson is halfway decent as well, so I'm hoping that there's a bunch of these coming up, because I had a few chuckles at this one.

Alex Anthopoulos was on the Fan590 this morning (audio here), talking about Kyle Drabek and September baseball.

Kevin Goldstein of baseball prospectus was also on Fan590 (audio here), this time with Jeff Blair, talking about prospects Jake Marisnick and Anthony Gose, as well as the new CBA.

The Jays played a 5-inning split squad game today, but I have no idea what happened.  They basically took their 2011 starting lineup and played it against "the others", such as Snider, Francisco, Davis...  Romero started for the good team, Morrow for the bad.

My latest on Nowhere Plans is up.  Episode 3 of Survivor.  That can be found here.

Grady Sizemore is going to miss 2-3 months after having a little back surgery yesterday, apparently something similar to what Peyton Manning had done.  That guy seriously just gets paid to do absolutely nothing.  Speaking of injuries, AJ Burnett bunted a ball in to his face, and broke an orbital bone.  Should miss quite a bit of time.  I wonder if Richard Griffin is going to shit his pants now, because if that trade should have been vetoed by the commissioner's office before the injury...

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