Monday, 17 December 2012

Got 'em!

Would you believe that there weren't any versions of that image available on Google's image search?  I seriously just played fifteen minutes of Mario Golf and then took a screenshot on my TV and then imported that to my computer and then photoshopped RA Dickey's face on to Luigi's body.

So yeah, seems as though I've missed something over the last few days.  Pretty busy with work and getting ready for the holidays and trying to sleep, so forgive me if I didn't write anything about the Jays acquiring RA Dickey to this point.  Everybody's already covered this thing rather extensively, so you'll have to bear with me if I'm about to write something that's already been said in a more eloquent manner by someone else out there.

Uh... steep price, huh?

Not so fast-- It cost the Royals Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery to get James Shields (and Wade Davis, I suppose), and Shields certainly didn't just win a Cy Young.  Myers is definitely a better prospect than d'Arnaud is, and Kansas City's return (i.e. Davis) is better for that reason, but the point still remains-- a frontline pitcher with a year left on his contract is worth three good prospects, because prospects fizzle out all the time.

And it's not like d'Arnaud or Syndergaard (or Myers, or Odorizzi for that matter) are bound to be anything more than regulars.  Sure, they might be, but they might fizzle out too, just as Dickey might never come anywhere close to being what he was last year-- it's all part of the risk.  I mean, it's hard to imagine these guys sucking given the amount of hype surrounding them, but as Stephen Brunt (I think?) rather astutely pointed out, this is the equivalent of the 2006-ish Jays giving up Snider and Cecil, and we all know how they turned out.

The fact of the matter is that the Jays aren't really overpaying here, or at least, they aren't overpaying any more than anyone else that's done this exact same trade over the last few years.  The Jays got three of the Phillies' top-10 prospects for Roy Halladay; the Twins got four highly ranked prospects for Johan Santana from the Mets; the Mariners got three nice prospects from Houston for Randy Johnson.  These are just the three trades that are coming in to my head immediately, but there are so many others that probably fit this same mold (Gio, Latos).

The Jays just gave two top prospects and an overpaid catcher for a Cy Young pitcher and throw-ins, and they CUT SALARY, then they signed Dickey to a deal for less money than what he was demanding from the Mets.  The Jays are getting exactly what they want and need here, regardless of price paid.

I dunno, guess I'm just an excited homer.  That rotation though.

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