Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Red Sox tied to Victorino

Posting this shit from work, so fuck pictures or links or anything that makes concrete sense, but I'm reading that the Red Sox are going to (try to) answer the Blue Jays' big offseason plans by signing Shane Victorino to a 3 year, $37.5MM deal.  Well I'm just shaking in my dirty little work boots now, aren't I?

No.  I'm not.  Because that would be an overpay.  $40MM over four years gets you a younger, better Angel Pagan, and you still want to give 3/$37.5 to a 32 year old coming off the worst year of his career?  Ben Cherington, your dad, Theo Epstein, would be upset with you.

Victo has pretty well no power (big dip in ISO last year), and playing in Fenway should really sap away the triples-speed that he possesses, especially against LHP.  Even against RHP, just play him to pull it in to the big Bermuda Triangle and you should be okay.  Walks and K's have been pretty static for his whole career, but it's not like they're going to trade Jacoby Ellsbury so that Victo can play CF, are they?

If he's playing a corner OF position, they really aren't getting the hilariously low replacement level out of him. I'm off in three hours, maybe I'll clean this up later.

Update: 8:30 ET
Home from work.  I still feel about the same.  I mean, I don't hate it... I just don't like it for the Sox.  Maybe I just don't like the Sox, so the biased cat is rearing his head.

The deal is official anyway; 3 years, $39MM.  Seems like a best-case scenario, especially if he's playing a corner outfield position.  32 years old, decrease in power, so on and so-forth.

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