Friday, 14 December 2012

Weiner Jokes Aside

Update- 11:00 ET
A fake twitter account, run by some guy pretending to be Mike Puma of the NY Post confirms* that the deal is Dickey and Davis for Lind, Gose and d'Arnaud.

*- Fake twitter account means fake trade.

Update- 9:30 ET
Andy Martino of NY Daily News and Mets' beat writerdom tells us that he's hearing that Dickey would sign an extension in Toronto if the trade happened and were the extension offered.  I feel like the Jays wouldn't do the deal without an extension window thingy anyway, but we'll see.

Update again- 9:20ish
I know that it's Jon Heyman, but I took a nap and woke up to the news that Travis d'Arnaud is apparently not out of bounds here.  Not really sure why I was surprised, given the Mets' asking price from day one.  It's just that, I dunno, I wanted to see TDA in our lineup, I guess.

TDA is an awfully big price to pay, but Dickey is a pretty solid fucking pitcher, and a pretty big part of this trade is the upgrade the Dickey presents over not just JA Happ, but a replacement reliever.  More succinctly, starter JA Happ becomes reliever JA Happ, which sounds like a fucking treat if Darren Oliver is riding off in to the sunset, and sounds even better if Oliver comes back.  The biggest worry now becomes a 7th starter, not a 6th, and even then, Dickey could throw on short rest in a pinch.

Based on my twitter feed from the last hour or so, Jays fans are underrated Dickey, and probably overrating
Update- 5:50 ET
Well, nothing yet, an hour later.  There have been a few pretty ballsy statements released by some beat writers who appear to be just dying to break the news first, or at least pick up a few hundred followers.  Either way, a lot of people are saying a lot of stuff without actually saying anything.

Jon Morosi, for example, tells us that the Jays are growing confident in their pursuit of Dickey, as if he's spoken to members of the Jays and that they've answered him about the clubs confidence level.  Like, the club has one big, collective level of confidence.

Meanwhile, if we think that JPA has some hilariously awesome kind of trade value, Dave Cameron shits all over that.

I'll probably in the MLBTR comments, owning morans if anyone wants to come hang out.

4:50 ET (Original Post)
Apparently it's Threat Level: Midnight as far as the Jays are concerned in the RA Dickey talks.  MLBTR is reporting that the Mets are leaning towards trading Dickey, and that the Jays are one of the finalists.

Now, I know that we hear a whole bunch of rumors about the Jays, and so rarely are they true, so let's keep our pants on here, but there does appear to be a natural fit here, and just because the Jays refuse to leak information doesn't mean that the Mets can't.

The Rangers missed out on Zack Greinke, and failed to re-sign Josh Hamilton, but T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers are currently out on Dickey.

Anthony Gose's name has popped up, according to Jon Heyman, as had JPA's, though he's getting a bobblehead so forget trading him, right?  Now Ken Davidoff is telling us that the Jays believed that they could have Dickey by Saturday night.  I'm not sure how much legitimacy there is to these tweets, if any, but hey, it's always fun to speculate, isn't it?  For the record, I believe that Davidoff tweet is a crock of horseshit.

Let's uhhh... follow this and see where it goes, huh?  More soon!

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