Tuesday 22 January 2013

Mike McCoy, We Hardly Knew Ye

That's a picture of Mark DeRosa.  He looks kind of dumbfounded.  Which is kind of fitting, since the Jays just signed him to a guaranteed contract worth $750k.  It's not so much the contract or the value that is befuddling-- it's the fact that the Jays had themselves a full 40-man, and, as result, have DFA'ed Sam Dyson to make room.

Yep, that Sam Dyson.  John Farrell said, last year, that Dyson may have the "best stuff in the organization.  Alrighty.

For his own part, DeRosa hasn't been respectable for like four years now, let alone good.  He had a nice little stretch from 2006-2008, where he totalled 10.2 WAR, but since then, he's been worth 1.2 over four seasons, getting nice and hurt during each of the last three.

Taking a shot on the guy doesn't bother me at all.  Yeah, he's 37, but he can play all over the diamond at replacement level-ish and take a walk, and $750k is sort of a drop in the bucket at this stage. It's just that DFA'ing a 24-year old with upside to make room for it seems sort of silly to me.

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