Thursday 3 January 2013

So Long, Again

Do you guys remember when Jason Frasor was first traded from Toronto to Chicago as part of the Colby Rasmus deal?  The interview that he gave to Sportsnet (Barry Davis?) was the most awkward thing I had seen in a long time.  He appeared to really enjoy Toronto, and didn't seem overly thrilled about changing addresses, even though he was going to his hometown.  He looked like a man who was about to weep for several hours, almost as if his dog had just been struck by a bus.

He answered that by putting up some pretty bad numbers over the remaining half of a season, only to have his contract option exercised and be moved back to Toronto in a trade for two nothing minor leaguers.

Not really related to anything, Frasor finished the year with the Jays, and once again, became a free agent, since he's Jason Frasor.  He just signed for $1.5MM in Texas.  Brandon League got 3 years and $22.5MM. in the same offseason.  Draw whatever conclusions you need from that.  Baseball is nothing if it's not unpredictable.

Thanks to the full 40-man roster, Texas needed to designate someone for assignment.  Enter Eli Whiteside.  Whiteside has seen three different teams already this offseason, because he's Eli Whiteside.  He had signed with the Yankees before being DFA'ed.  He was claimed by the Jays, DFA'ed, and then claimed by the Rangers.  The revolving door of catchers seems rather likely to continue revolving, and I suspect the Jays will claim Eli, since he's a catcher, before again DFA'ing him again, since he's Eli Whiteside.

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