Wednesday 2 January 2013

Today in Blue Jays History: Fireworks

Photo credit: Blue Jay Hunter
I wouldn't typically snipe someone else's photoshop, but this one is just too perfect.  I'm also stealing someone else's idea for this post, so we may as well just get it all done in one shot and call it a day, huh?  Basically, MLBTR routinely does a "This day in transactions" post, pointing out a fun trade or free agent signing or whatever that happened, and it usually leads me to checking baseball-reference's bullpen section so that I can have a look myself.

Which brought us here.  Three years ago today (which makes it January 2 2010-- no 2009!), Edwin Encarnacion was released from a Dominican hospital, after receiving treatment for facial burns, thanks to an exploding firecracker.

Whether it was a coincidence or not is anybody's guess, but Edwin had a pretty terrible 2010 season after his little incident, culminating in a couple of DFA's and a demotion to the minors.  He was mercifully given chance after chance, mostly because AA was busy trading guys away for prospects and the MLB-team wasn't all that good.

Today is also the birthday of former Jays David Cone (50) and Royce Clayton (43).

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