Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Breaking: Romero's Humility

It's happened.  Ricky Romero has been optioned.  Sent down.  Minorized.

The shocker of it all?  He's gone to A-ball.  Not Buffalo.  Not Lansing.  A-ball.  That's two A's fewer than what I was expecting.

Granted, the A-ball affiliate is in Dunedin, which is where the MLB camp happens to be.  Probably just a trip down the road, if not next door.

JA Happ has apparently been told that he'll be the #5 starter to begin the year, as if it could be anybody else.  If the Josh Thole demotion wasn't enough, the Romero demotion completely crushes my roster-bracket.

Naturally, we're all going to look back and say "Well, Roy Halladay went all the way back to A-ball, and he became the best pitcher of our generation."  I'll not be saying such a thing.  I'll instead be reflecting on just how shitty this is for a seemingly great guy like Romero.

For his part, Romero pitched today and went 4.1 innings, allowing 6 hits and 3 runs.

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