Tuesday 5 March 2013

Early Impressions

9:25 AT-- I'm awake, and off to get my copy.  I live in Canada, so this shouldn't be tough.

9:50 AT: I've been waiting for like two months for these 20 minutes.

A guy on the internet is telling me that the ball physics are greatly improved, but other than that, all I've got is this gentleman to look at.

In disappointing news, I have to go in to work at 3:00, which will force me in to taking a break from this for a couple of hours.  I'll also need to eat something, at some point.

10:25 AT: The first roster update has the Jays listed as the thirteenth best team.  Wat.

10:45 AT: Not that it has anything to do with the game, I just thought I should mention that the guy who broke the Melky Cabrera steroids story tweeted this yesterday, and I forgot to mention it when I had first heard it.

Seems kind of big, doesn't it?

I just signed Brian Wilson to round off the bullpen.  Mike McCoy DFA'ed.

11:30 AT: 1-0 Cleveland through the top of the first.  I feel like it's hard to accurately portray a knuckleballer in a video game, but that's just me.

12:00 AT: I've hit my first gapper.  I have no idea how to advance to second base.

12:11 AT: My first rage: trying to turn a quick double play results in a throwing error pretty well every time with this throwing meter.  Taking your time and getting the underhand flip from 2B-SS or vice-versa lets the runner get to first safely pretty consistently.  Probably turning off the defensive throw meter.

1:15 AT: Can't get them to say the name "Sweaty Bobandy" for my RTTS player.  Might take the game back.

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