Sunday, 24 March 2013

Breaking: Vernon Wells is Probably Getting Traded to NY

Vernon Wells has not been the worst player in baseball for the last two years.  That honor goes to Jeff Francoeur.  That's apparently good enough for the Yankees, as they appear to be willing to acquire Wells from the Angels, in exchange for probably several dozen million dollars and some collateral scrub.

I was thinking last week or the week before about trying to figure out what the hell it would take to trade Wells, sort of in the way I've done with Carlos Zambrano and AJ Burnett, but I gave up since I determined that there was absolutely no chance of anything ever happening ever.

I was thinking that it would be entertaining to have Wells be terrible in New York, but I guess it couldn't really get any worse than it was in Anaheim.  Yankee Stadium is a joke park, so his raw numbers will probably improve a bit, but really, I doubt anyone even notices he's there.

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