Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Brain is Itchy

Ladies and Gentlebeans, call me confused.

I really thought that we were going to see something else happen this afternoon.  Something that would give us more.  The Edwin extension gave us confirmation that this wasn't going to be a sellfest, which wouldn't have been the biggest fuck-up in the world, given the rotation situation, but either way...

So here I am, all of a sudden, thinking we're going to see AA use his glut of prospects.  You know, the prospects that I've been saying all along that he won't be trading?  Yeah, those ones.  Except he went and got JA Happ and relief help, giving up prospects in return.  Suddenly, I'm reconsidering.

Then AA moves Travis Snider for not that much in return, and then moves Eric Thames for good measure, creating a hole in the outfield.  Because Anthony Gose.

I dunno.  I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I expected the "sell" part of this to be some less useful parts, instead of a 24-year old who hasn't gotten a full season's worth of a chance yet.  Kelly Johnson hasn't been worth a fuck for several weeks now, and the rotation isn't good enough to compete for a playoff spot.  I'm not saying that we need to go balls out to rent players just to get to the wild-card play-in, it's just kinda fucked to use Snider as your sell-piece when you're not selling, I guess. I mean, I realize the rationale behind getting more relief: if you can't upgrade the rotation, you may as well try and build a kick-ass bullpen?

Like I said, I have an itchy brain about this whole thing at the moment.  I'm just kind of lost at the lack of another trade coming on the heels of what happened last night, though apparently the Jays were discussing deals that just didn't quite hit the finish line.  The team needs more pitching, and could probably use another bat, either at 2B or DH.  I know this stuff doesn't exactly grow on trees, but my train of thought is that if we're not buying, we should be selling.  That means Oliver and Johnson should be gone right now.

So yeah, brain-itch.

In other news, Travis Snider is batting 2nd for Pittsburgh tonight.  Now my brain is crying, too.

Moises Sierra has been called up for his spin in the revolving door that is the third outfield spot.  Someone mentioned a Nelson Cruz comparison, which uhhh... why was he playing in AAA then?  He was already on the 40-man, but will be making his MLB Debut tonight, playing RF and batting 9th.

Brandon Morrow threw 3 innings last night, allowing 3 hits and walking 1, while striking out two.  He was only scheduled to throw 2 innings, but for some reason they just said "fuck it" and stuffed him out there for a third.  I presume this was done as a means of "hey, maybe we can stretch him out a little further for when he comes back" kind of thing.  I dunno.

There were a few trades today: Shane Victorino went to LAD, Hunter Pence went to the Giants, Jonathan Broxton went to Cincinatti, and Ryan Dempster went to Texas.  There were a few other minor ones that you can keep up with on MLBTR, but fuck writing them all out.

Speaking of minor deals, The Jays acquired minor league catcher Tuffy Gosewich from Philadelphia for cash.  That's purely a depth move, as ole Tuffy if hitting like .192/.241/.310 in AAA as a 28 year old.

Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Edwin 1B
Cooper DH
Escobar SS
Johnson 2B
Davis LF
Mathis C
Sierra RF

Laffey P

Ackley 2B
Wells RF
Saunders CF
Montero DH
Seager 3B
Carp 1B
Olivo C
Robinson LF
Ryan SS

Vargas P

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