Friday 28 October 2011

Game 6 of the world series

Yep.  Dumpster fire.  Congrats to the Texas Rangers on winning the World Series.  They might very well win another one next year, because they're going to be a son-of-a-bitch-bastard of a team again.  They'll probably lose CJ Wilson, and will need a starter, unless they want Neftali Feliz to start, which is a distinct possibility.  They've gone ahead proven old people around the world wrong, by winning a World Series without having amazing pitching; they had a bunch of 2's and 3's in their rotation, and won this thing by being really good offensively.  Wilson was pretty much an ace this season, but stunk the entire playoffs.

Derek Holland and Mike Napoli are both superstars now, like it or not.  Ian Kinsler is still a superstar, and Adrian Beltre is really underrated.  Josh Hamilton hadn't homered in 82 AB's, the longest stretch of his career.  Pretty shitty timing, man. Of course, I'm being sarcastic.

I have a hard time believing that Jon Jay, much less Skip Schumaker, are better options that Colby Rasmus.  Both Jay and Schumaker stunk, and there are so many other ways to go out and acquire bullpen help.

Nelson Cruz was playing too shallow.  He should be playing about 3 paces from the warning track with the tying run on first.  You can not let a ball get over your head.  I realize that that ball hit the wall, but if he's playing deeper (i.e. where he should have been), he's not backtracking when that ball gets to him, but rather, gets back, plants himself, and catches the ball to win the World Series.  This way was funner though.

Tony La Russa is terrible.  Congrats on overusing your bench so badly that Kyle Lohse is your best option to pinch hit.  Retire.  Texas not getting out of that inning giving up fewer than 2 runs, with the pitcher batting third, is a travesty.  Lance Berkman having a good game tonight batting in the 4-hole instead of the 5-hole is going to be called a "great piece of managerial magic from a legendary baseball man, who just continues to akljdshflakjhdsp;afadofn;akjdfbal;dfjab;dfbja;dsjfh ;akjbdsf;kjahdskfjal;ksdjfhlakjhdsfljhasdlkjfhalksdjhflahvsdbiufaowueib aih cabakjs db[auc]jba[djbA[UFVAC" instead of what it actually was, which is pretty much a random happenstance move.  Holliday could have just as easily gone 3 for 5 with the bases empty because Berkman and Pujols both went 0-fer all night long.

Ron Washington tried just as hard.  If you're going to walk Pujols to face Berkman, giving up the platoon advantage, bring in Mike Gonzalez to turn Berkman to his bad side, or walk Berkman too and face Allen Craig with Feldman.  Either that, or don't just give people fucking bases for free.

I started this post in the 9th inning, and then stopped it when the Cards tied.  I started it again when Hamilton hit the homerun.  I then wrote this paragraph in the bottom of the 10th.  I've resorted to editing other things that I have written here so far, or just making stray observations until Texas finally finishes this off.

The 6-4 putout at 1st in the 10th inning blew my mind.

A girl on my girlfriends' facebook set her status as "Oliver for the Cardinals in 3 outs".  I've never mixed words about my opinion concerning girls' proclivity to pretend that they like sports when it comes to playoffs. This is why.

What the fuck?

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