Monday, 31 October 2011

Nowhere Plans

Hiya folks.  Just want to send along a quick message promoting a little project that we got goin' on.  Nowhere Plans is a blog run by some guy that I'm internet friends with, and some other guy that I've never even heard of, but that's past the point.  The real deal here is that they've seen this blog and they think that I can adequately contribute to theirs as well.  So that's cool.  I'll be sharing any random non-baseball nonsense that I can dream up over there every now and then, at least until they decide that there's too much swearing going on.

It's pretty football-heavy over the right now, but there's a lot of good stuff about music, sports, etc., and we're just getting started!  I'm sure most of the stuff I write about will be related in some way to the Simpsons, or maybe boobies or poopjokes, because really... what else do I know?  I'm sure that there will be the odd baseball related post when that time comes around again, so even if you don't like football, boobies, music and so on, there will still be something.  I'm told that there are Orioles and Phillies fans kicking around there, so we might get something fun going.

Tell your friends!  But don't stop coming to this site.  Remember why you're here.

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