Wednesday 19 October 2011

Jays notes

Fangraphs has a Q&A with Jays-ish 2B Kelly Johnson.  They neglect to ask him whether or not he's signing in Toronto this offseason, which kind of sucks.  Having said that, he's one of the more SABR-savvy players in the game today, so it's cool enough.  He likes walks!

Tom Tango acknowledges the existence of that interview as well, so that comment section should be pretty good, as usual.  He looks in to one of Johnson's answers about approaches to hitting based on the 24 base-out states (bases empty with 1 out, runner on 2nd 0 out, etc.)

Sticking with Fangraphs/Kelly Johnson/2nd basemen, we get a look at the free agent market for 2nd basemen this coming offseason.  Not looking all that pretty...  and you wonder why Alex Anthopoulos wants to look at the trade market instead of the free agent market to fill his team.

Damien Cox of The National Idiot Convention Star thinks that the Cardinals won the Colby Rasmus trade.  I don't know how many times I need to tell you people that this isn't the case, no matter what.  The best result for the Cards is that both teams come out ahead of where they were with this one, but still...  2 months of a reliever and a mediocre starter, plus 3 years of control of another reliever isn't worth a potentially elite CF.

And of course, over at Getting Blanked, Parkes shits all over Cox (note: teehee... shit.... cox....) for being an idiot again.  I mean, I was gonna do that, but I wrote that half-assed World Series preview first, and it cost me.  Parkes shits on idiocy better than pretty much anyone around, and there's no shortage of that coming from Damien Cox.

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