Saturday, 3 December 2011

Brad Mills: Get the Fuck!

You know who was the worst offensive player in baseball last year?  Jeff Mathis, catcher for the Angels.  Brad Mills just got traded for Jeff Mathis.  If Brad Mills thought that he was at all useful, this is sure to be a rude awakening.

Mathis and Mills are both fairly useless, and probably won't provide any value to their new teams.  Mills throws about as hard as I do and gets lit up by anybody who can handle a breaking ball, and Mathis is quite literally one of the worst hitters in the history of the MLB.  Mathis is actually projected to make $1.8MM in arbitration, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Jays just non-tender him and either try to re-sign him for like $700k, or just let him go and treat this as a Brad Mills DFA.

Basically, they took a gross looking greenish-brown piece of poop and traded it for an equally smelly, equally runny, but slightly more brown piece of poop.

I have no idea what this means for Brian Jeroloman, so don't ask.

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