Thursday, 29 December 2011


Not much goin' down here lately.  The Red Sox traded for Andrew Bailey the other day, giving up a couple of prospects, but beyond that...  I dunno, there's not really ever much happening between Christmas Day and New Years, which sort of explains why I haven't written anything anywhere over the last week.

Basically, what we've missed includes the above mentioned trade, which I really like the A's side of, just from a perspective of losing salary that isn't useful; Bailey is set to make $3.5MM through arbitration this year, and will likely only pitch 40-50 innings, none of which will be overly important this year, seeing as Bailey is one of those closer guys, and Oakland isn't going to come anywhere close to contending.  It's a fine deal for Boston, I guess, assuming they're going to have some high-leverage innings late in games.

The big piece (and I use that term very liberally) of news lately in these parts involves the Jays being interested in the last two years of control for Matt Garza, whom the Cubs are shopping.  I think the Cubs want starting pitching prospects in exchange, based on everything I've read, and the Jays obviously have plenty of that, though I'm not sure how high up the list they'd be willing to go for two years and an increased payroll.  Obviously it wouldn't take just a single pitcher for a guy of Garza's caliber, but I dunno, I guess I'd just be protective of the best(ish) farm system in the game if I were in charge of it.

Speaking of farm systems, Jim Callis ranked Nestor Molina as the 17th best prospect in the Jays system before he was traded, but that hasn't stopped him from being ranked as the best in the White Sox system post-trade, per John Sickels of Minor League Ball.

Other than that... I don't really have much for you.

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