Thursday 15 December 2011

Fake Things

Today, when I got home from "work", which happened to be playing bingo with first graders for an afternoon, I was real hungry.  I didn't really know what I was going to eat, since there were no leftovers in the fridge, and I didn't really want to cook anything since there are usually people there to do such a thing for me, either now or later.  I usually just chill on the couch until someone serves me food, I don't really know what happens in the before or during parts of the cooking.  Anyway, I settled on a delicious bologna and mustard/mayo sandwich, which just happened to be bologna sandwich number 25-ish of December.

You see, bologna, when purchased in bulk, comes in 7 pound logs, because apparently it is humanly possible to willfully eat that much bologna before it spoils, don't let anybody tell you different.

Speaking of bologna, the Jays are rumored to have made a "whopper" of an offer for Yu Darvish, which is apparently in the neighborhood of 50+MM, but they're also still considering Prince Fielder to enjoy a buffet bat as a 1-2 with Jose Bautista for 8+ years.  As if.

(I mean, the Darvish stuff is obviously with some substance, but I'm laughing more at the Prince stuff.)

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