Monday 5 December 2011

Winter Meetings, Prince, Stuff

** I can't fucking keep up.  I think I'm just going to update a single post each day and live-ish blog everything major that goes down.  Obviously, pay attention to MLBTR, but anything Jays related or major will probably get something of a bit more substance.**

11:30pm ET-- Gregor Chisolm, beat writer for the Blue Jays, has a first hand day-in-review from the GM meetings over on  He says that it was a fairly quiet day for the Jays, and I think we should have all known that it was going to be.  AA said a long time ago that he doesn't really like doing stuff during the meetings because he doesn't like to work his magic away from his computer and stat sheets and whatnot.

At least we know that Prince Fielder isn't signing an 8 year deal in Toronto, so that's cool.  I think if anything major happens with the Jays, it might not happen until sometime later this week, or early next week, as opposed to at the meetings.  AA is pretty much an oddball in that respect though, so we might be able to see something huge happen tomorrow or the next day.  And let's not forget that just because AA doesn't say a single thing about specific players or deals, that doesn't mean that other teams will do the same, so the odd rumor that pops up tomorrow could be the real thing that just doesn't come to fruition completely until a few days from now.

9:30pm ET-- The 6-year offer to CJ Wilson is from the Nationals.  Expect a signing real soon.

9:00pm ET-- Still here... not much going on though.  Apparently the Reds interest in Jair Jurrjens has been overstated.  Other than that, it's been a pretty quiet couple of hours.  We might be done for the night.

7:00pm ET-- It appears the Twins are set to re-sign Matt Capps.  It also appears that the word "poo" is trending on twitter.  Tee hee.

6:30 ET--
  •  The Brewers appear to be out of the running for Prince Fielder.
  • CJ Wilson has a 6-year offer in hand, which an unnamed GM calls "Nuts".
  • Billy Beane claims that he isn't fussy about moving Gio Gonzalez, which probably means that he'll move Gio Gonzalez.
  • The Mets apparently want to keep David Wright, since they're completely in denial about being completely broke.
  • The Dodgers and Jerry Hairston are discussing have agreed to a 2-year deal worth $6MM, because apparently the Dodgers don't have a large enough supply of utility men.
  • DJF's Andrew Stoeten passes along some info from a guy at CBC, saying that the Jays are looking in to Octavio Dotel again, for some reason.  Ugh, pass.  If he's not going to be worth a draft pick next year then fuck off.

6:00 ET-- The link to Gregor's twitter also contains some quotes from AA, squishing rumors about the Jays' involvement in any big contracts.  I mean, we've already heard this like a month ago, but apparently we needed to be reminded.
"If there are players out there that are going to require [7-8 year] deals we probably won't be a factor for those players."

5:25 PM ET-- If the Angels sign Aramis Ramirez, as is rumored to be possible, expect the Jays to be in on Alberto Callaspo.  They apparently "really like him.  Really."

5:00 pm ET-- The Jays are unlikely do to anything regarding 2B until Wednesday, which is the deadline for players to accept or decline arbitration.  Johnson will more than likely decline arbitration and seek a multi-year contract, but he might just hope to rebuild value with a 1-year deal and hope to crush it next year.  Thanks to Gregor Chisolm.

4:00 pm ET-- It looks like the Jays have looked in to Mets IF Daniel Murphy, most likely as an option at 2B, though he really doesn't have much of a position, and doesn't offer much defensively.  He hit .320/.362/.448 last season in just over 400 AB's, and is under team control until 2016.  The Mets would probably want young, cheap players, or cash in exchange, since the owners of the team owe something like $1.7Billion in loans and bills over the next few years, plus whatever they're losing in the Bernie Madoff scandal.

It also appears that those pesky Rays are making a serious push for Josh Willingham, those fuckers, thanks to MLBTR.

2:30 pm ET-- The winter meetings are usually the time of the offseason where shit really starts to happen.  Well, actually, it usually right before the winter meetings, so as to stop other teams from signing free agents during the winter meetings.  As such, Jose Reyes and Heath Bell signed free agent contracts with the Marlins in the last few days.  My take on the Marlins losing their goddamn minds is up at Nowhere Plans, unless someone over there decides that I suck and don't know what I'm talking about between now and whenever you click that link.  If you like football or music, there might be some other stuff you may like over there as well, so check it out if you haven't yet.

Fucking rumors everywhere you look.

Elsewhere, some idiot thinks that the Jays are the favorites for Prince Fielder, though Alex Anthopoulos, via Richard Griffin, shot that one down pretty quickly:
"From a media or fan standpoint, with me, if something leaks it's usually inaccurate."
Though apparently, Fielder isn't necessarily chasing the most money available.  If that means he'll take a 5-year deal with some club options, for some reason, from the Jays, I would be all for it.

Ken Rosenthal seems to think that the Jays really want Martin Prado and Jair Jurrjens... I'd be fine with Prado, Jurrjens not so much.  Frank Wren is pretending that he doesn't want to trade though.

The Royals would like to move some relievers for a starter, and AA has been linked to Greg Holland, because, you know, Greg Holland is a person, and AA is interested in absolutely everybody.  Holland was pretty awesome last year though.

 Ron Santo was elected to the Hall of Fame this morning.  Congrats to him.

There seems to be plenty of interest in Josh Willingham.  If the Jays were actually interested in David Ortiz, then I assume they'll also be interested in Willy.  I'd much rather Willingham to Ortiz to be perfectly honest.

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