Monday, 30 January 2012

Daily Stuffing

As we all know, the offseason is pretty well winding down, and teams are more or less finished making their big moves.  We're going to see a lot of minor league deals and minor bench moves, and there might be another trade or two, but the recent offseason trend is to have all the major stuff done at this point, since GM's are trying to beat their rival GM's to the punch on any competitive moves.  That's why I started writing previews last week, since there just wasn't really all that much else.  Anyway, a few little Jays/baseball links from around the internets.

The Blue Jays "State of the Franchise" meeting is tonight at 6:30PM ET, and I believe it is going to be webcast on their homepage.  If that is the case, I'll be watching it, and updating right here.  If not, enough people will be attending and tweeting live that it shouldn't be a problem to find out almost immediately what's happening.  I'd check Shi Davidi or Mike Cormack on twitter.

Roy Oswalt is apparently not interested in joining the Blue Jays, according to MLBTR.  Sucks, I guess.  I was going to make a post dedicated to pursuing such a gentleman, but never got around to it, and now I guess it doesn't matter.  Expect him to join a contender, i.e. Red Sox, Cardinals, Rangers.

Former Jay Matt Stairs has been hired as a Gregg Zaun-type by NESN, the Boston Red Sox tv network.  Congrats to him, I guess, but enjoy hanging around those fackin' queeeahs.  Expect him to invent pinch-talking, and then do it at some point.

Could you have any interest in reading about a bunch of internet punks doing a fake dynasty draft for no stakes? If so, check this out.

Tango looks at the Prince Fielder contract relative to the historically comparable players.  It's not THAT bad based on this evaluation, assuming Fielder ages similarly to, say, Todd Helton, or steroidy Mark Mcgwire.

Finally, I was going to buy it anyway, so this really changes nothing to me personally, but check this out.

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