Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Morrow Extension is Official, Stuff

Image Courtesy of Shi Davidi's Twitter
The Jays have officially announced the contract extension of Brandon Morrow.  He'll make $4MM this season, and $8MM in 2013 and 14.  The deal comes with a club option for 2015 at $10MM, with a $1MM buyout, guaranteeing Morrow $21MM total, and up to $30MM.  It appears that both Morrow and Jays Manager John Farrell were on the Fan 590 at some point today, and Mike Cormack of Sportsnet has been tweeting a bunch of little quotes and stuff.  I'll try to find an audio link later, but as of now, I can't find anything.

Fangraphs looks in on what to expect from Morrow this year, and looks at his curiously high ERA, despite such awesome peripherals.

Also on Fangraphs, Marc Hulet checks in with his top 15 Blue Jays prospects, and I was a bit surprised to see who ranked where in his top 5.  It should be no big surprise, however, that he really praises AA's commitment to scouting and claims that such a commitment has begun to show in the quality of this system.  If memory serves me correctly, he usually does these prospect lists in reverse order, as in from worst to best, but this doesn't appear to be the case this year.  Check the comments for some interested feedback.

New Astro's GM Jeff Luhnow is on twitter right now answering random questions from people.

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