Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Free Agent Frenzy Hangover

What a boring day.  After the virtual smorgasbord of shit that happened yesterday, I suppose it's unreasonable of me to assume that other stuff would go down.  Still, the Fielder signing kind of opens the market for guys like Edwin Jackson, Roy Oswalt, etc. to establish themselves as the best free agents remaining, plus the Cordero deal should pretty much allow any other relievers to find themselves deals as secondary prizes to everyone who missed out.

Having said that, there was a few little droplets of news today.  The first and foremost of which is my newest at Nowhere Plans about what the Prince Fielder signing does to the Tigers going forward.

The Rays appear pretty close to signing Jeff Keppinger to deal.  He'll presumably platoon with Matt Joyce, getting most of his AB's against lefty pitchers.  He was non-tendered this offseason by the Giants, for some reason, despite a career .324/.371/.481 slash against lefty pitching.

Yoenis Cespedes was granted free agency today, and is free to negotiate with any team who is interested in a 26-year old, marginal defence outfielder who will need minor league seasoning.

The Jays have yet to officially announce the Francisco Cordero signing, since he needs to pass a physical.  As such, they haven't yet announced a corresponding move to free up a spot on the 40-man roster.  I assume AA is looking at a trade of some sort, as opposed to a DFA that allows another team to squeeze an asset away for free.  Fangraphs has a little preview of Toronto Cordero, by the way.

The MLB Network is going to be announcing their list of the top 100 prospects in baseball tonight at 10 ET.  This, of course, doesn't really mean a whole lot, since prospects fizzle out all the time, but that's ok, it's still fun.  And hey, the Jays system is awesome!  Expect at least a couple of Blue Jays on there.

There are 3 fucking idiots on Dragon's Den right now who gave mo-hawks to cats and dogs.  Some people can just go jump in a fucking deep fryer.  It's a fucking cat, not a toy.

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