Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Minor Stuff

So this is a thing now.  If you need an explanation.

According to a press release on the Blue Jays' website, the Jays have activated Robert Coello from the disabled list, and have outrighted him off the 40-man roster.  This comes on the heels of a few more outrights, as the Jays also outrighted Aaron Laffey, Shawn Hill, and Bobby Korecky off the 40-man a few days ago.

This was essentially a formality (Laffey less so), as the Jays were going to need to make at least a little bit of room at some point.  Sergio Santos, Dustin Mcgowan, Jesse Litsch, Luis Perez, Drew Hutchison, Travis d'Arnaud and Kyle Drabek are all on the 60-day DL at the moment, and I'm sure some of them are bound to be back sooner or later, though I'm not sure what the rules are concerning DL'ed players in the offseason.  Regardless, the Jays had a full 40-man in order to fill up the bullpen, and if they happen to feel the need to add anybody from the farm to the 40-man roster, or, heaven forbid, go sign a Major League free agent, there'd need to be some kind of movement.

Beyond that, there's not really a whole lot going on these days in terms of Blue Jays news, nor should there be.  It is playoff time, afterall.  I don't think I need to update anybody at the moment as far as what's going on in the playoffs, since nobody reading a Blue Jays blog during the offseason would be uninterested in playoff baseball.  Right?

Having said that, the John Farrell-to-Boston stuff just doesn't seem to want to die.  Stoeten of DJF wrote a few bits and pieces about that, here and here.  That first one is born of a ridiculous article written in a local newspaper here in PEI.  Since I'm from PEI, I know better than to take anything that guy says seriously, but obviously Stoeten doesn't get exposed to that moron nearly enough.

Tom Cheek has been nominated for the Ford C. Frick award.  Again.  Go vote for him, folks.

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