Monday, 29 October 2012

Stuff: Free Agency, Lawrie

Today is free agency day, and according to MLBTR, 137 players became free agents today.  That number includes guys who have options on their contracts (Robinson Cano, for example, has a $14MM club option that is super obviously going to be exercised by the Yankees).  As mentioned the other day in the Offseason Handbook, teams have five days of exclusive negotiation rights with any free agents that they had control of as of yesterday, so "free agency" in this case is a bit of a misnomer.  Players can re-sign whenever, but need to wait until Friday (I think) to sign with other teams.

As happened last year with the Jays and Miguel Olivo, teams may trade the exclusive rights to any team within that five day period.

Fangraphs looks at Brett Lawrie from a fantasy perspective. They also examine Sergio Romo's fastball down the middle to Miguel Cabrera that totally froze him, earning the final strikeout to win the World Series.

Shi Davidi says that the Jays have begun parsing down their list of managerial candidates.  Jim Tracy, Manny Acta and Brad Ausmus are all out.

The Jays outrighted Tyson Brummett to AAA on Friday.  They had claimed him off waivers the other day, and then DFA'ed him to make room for David Herndon.

The Pirates have claimed Chad Beck from the Jays.  Beck was outrighted to AAA the other day to make room for fuck knows who.

Bartolo Colon took a liner to the mouth last night, playing in the Dominican Republic.

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