Monday 29 October 2012

Moar Stuff

Nothing major today, so we'll just keep on going with the tidbits.

Gregor Chisolm for tells us that the Jays will look to retain Brandon Lyon or Jason Frasor for the coming season, both of whom are free agents, as he examines the bullpen situation heading in to the offseason.  A few quotes from AA in there.

MLBTR's Matt Schwartz has posted his list of projected arbitration salaries.  For the record, I was pretty dead-on when I had Rasmus at $4.5MM, Happ around $4MM, and Aviles at $2.2MM.  He adds Rajai Davis at $3.9MM, who has a $3MM club option, as well as David Herndon, Cory Wade, and Bobby Wilson.

The Hanhwa Eagles are going to post Hyun-jin Ryu.  Hadouken!  He's a lefty pitcher who has beaten up the Korean league for a few years now.  I have a Lee Bum Ho jersey from when he played in Hanhwa.

Finally, Jeff Blair wrote something for the Globe.  The jist is that Joe Girardi walked right in to managing a stacked team with a huge payroll, and that Mike Matheny walked right in to a manager's job with a stacked team with a ridiculous farm system and the flexibility to walk away from the best baseball player of our generation and still be able to succeed.  Both Matheny and Girardi were catchers when they played.  Ipso facto, the Jays should hire either Sandy Alomar Jr. or Don Wakamatsu to be their new manager, because they were catchers.  Pardon me while I never read anything he ever writes.

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