Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stuff: Yunel, Offseason, etc.

Type "Yunel Escobar" in to google image search and just try to find a picture that isn't about the eyeblack incident.

Anyway, MLBTR had their weekly live chat today, and for the most part, there was nothing all that important.  I say that, because there was literally one question/answer that stuck out to me as bad news.  I definitely didn't agree with Ben's answer to the question, but I'd like to point out that he probably knows more about baseball than I do, and he's definitely better connected, both in terms of team-to-team rumors, as well as what the market looks like for each team, player, and position.

Comment From Indyman 
What could the Jays realistically get for Escobar?
Ben Nicholson-Smith: I don't think they could get a ton. Maybe a reliever, an extra outfielder or a prospect.
Like, really?  Is it that bad?  He's a shortstop, and a pretty decent one at that.  He's entering his age 30 season, so his best years could conceivably be behind him, especially if we want to have a look at his numbers over the last three years when compared to his career, but still, 8 WAR in 3 years (with babip issues in 2012) isn't exactly easy to find, especially on a team-friendly deal with multiple affordable club options. Does eyeblack really destroy a players' value?  I've gotta think that AA wouldn't sell that low on Yunel, even if he's declining.

What else?  There's no real news on the Jays managerial search.  Pat Hentgen's name came up on twitter today, but that was quickly shot down.  It kind of looks like the candidates that Farrell beat out last time around are all going to be in the lead here, though I suppose it's still early.

I updated the Offseason post that I have bookmarked at the top of the homepage to reflect dates for this coming offseason.

Fangraphs examines the cliff that Kelly Johnson fell off of this season.  And don't go pining for Marco Scutaro to come play 2B for us either, given the way he's played in SF.

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