Monday, 4 February 2013

Found This; Get it While it's Hot

RA Dickey struck out some people last season.  Here are all of them.  So this is what we have to look forward to folks.  Just imagine JPA behind the plate catching these.

Follow along on Dickey's B-Ref gamelog, if interested.

Things I noticed:

  • K #5, where the announcer opts to let us know that it was a knuckleball that ultimately fooled the batter.
  • K #42 was against "Rod Bajas" apparently.
  • He must have been really nasty that day, because #43, 44 and 49 were all dropped.  He struck out 11 that day over 7 innings.
  • #60 is some kind of changeuppy fastball, in essence?  Mixing in an 86MPH straightball must be the most gnarly feeling in the world.
  • Jesus Christ, #77.
  • The 1-hitter vs. TB starts at 5:10 or so.  Number 87 at 5:30 is the regular speed of the slo-mo gif'ed knuckler that's been floating around the internet for the last few months.
  • 6:00 is the 1-hitter against Baltimore in his next start.
  • Candidates for the most hilarious excuse of an attempt of a swing at a Dickey pitch include Ty Wigginton (#115), Shane Victorino (#119), Chase Utley (202), and Garrett Jones (#222).  Honorable mention to Carlos Lee (#165) for getting his knees buckled.  
  • I've seen Bryce Harper on here like 7 times already.
  • Snider! #219.
I'll probably watch this video another thousand times before the season starts.

Here's a similar compilation of Justin Verlander, but he doesn't get the same love from me because Detroit.

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